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Haha the band community...

So yeah I decided to update this thing about out competition this past saturday.

We scored a 38.
But if the tuba section was the only section scored then we would have scored much higher. All four of us have all the music memorized. And some of you may be able to say that for yourselves but most likely not for your section.

This season may not be out best score wise but it's not a lost cause. If your a section leader you need to stop complaining about our score and do something about it with your section. I'm not going to say you should call a sectional because my section hasn't this year but we were also the ones who ran to our spots and stood at attention back at camp and at a portion of the the rehersals thus far.
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so true you have to want to do something to get it done and if you cant then your fucked. im glad that you can say that about your section but i know for a fact that no other section can say that i mean the next closest section to say that would be the horns i believe. you guys are awesome and you should be very proud of your section for that.
i agree times a million. everyones complaing oh boo hoo 38 pshh we did so bad blah blah but what did everyone expect was going to happen? its common sense if the practices suck the performance is going to suck. its not going to magically come together just because everyone wants it to. i hope the competition was a wake up call and i'll be the first one to say that the guard isn't anything compared to what it was last year but i did my part. i think its so dumb when i'm sitting there on the field and everyones yelling at each other. people need to stop worrying about other people especially if your not a section leader and do what your told. the. end.
I know I could definetly work harder, but these past two weeks I finally woke up and thought, I want this, and Ive worked my ass off these past two weeks. I was so embarassed about the 38. Its a real downer, especially when you work hard.
I bet you hate watching people fuck around when you do such a great job of getting to your spots and working hard. You are a good cancer this year. All the tubas are.

Haha a good cancer? Whatever, you know what I mean.