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Dakota Marching Band [entries|friends|calendar]
Dakota Marching Band

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Website [18 May 2006|10:58pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I just thought I'd mention that the website is back up. It doesn't really have much on it right now (since I haven't talked to Ms. Hsu yet) but at the very least it has info about upcoming stuff.

band atten hut!

[14 Mar 2006|02:43pm]

oh band.

I love playing warm ups everyday..
& our lovely  songs from the 1800's.

band atten hut!

[05 Jan 2006|11:48pm]

okay so yeah I know I'm not in marching band and I'm truly not even that good @ regular band. but what the fuck is going on with Mr Casteel? I hate that he's not there
does anyone agree? or is everyone all for this new women who thinks she pwns all?
16 COUGARs band atten hut!

Haha the band community... [25 Sep 2005|05:58pm]

[ mood | amused ]

So yeah I decided to update this thing about out competition this past saturday.

We scored a 38.
But if the tuba section was the only section scored then we would have scored much higher. All four of us have all the music memorized. And some of you may be able to say that for yourselves but most likely not for your section.

This season may not be out best score wise but it's not a lost cause. If your a section leader you need to stop complaining about our score and do something about it with your section. I'm not going to say you should call a sectional because my section hasn't this year but we were also the ones who ran to our spots and stood at attention back at camp and at a portion of the the rehersals thus far.

3 COUGARs band atten hut!

[29 Aug 2005|05:48pm]

so i went to the mall with my mom
and a little chit chat we had during lunch let to talking about the band parents

i told her that were all sick of the band parents taking control of the band - its OUR band - not theirs
and i know you all agree with me

well she got mad
because "without the band parents this band will be nothing"
i told her how they add onto the drama that we ALREADY have with their little gossip and shit
they hear something...then they tell all the other band parents...then if they dont like it they try and change it...and if they dont get their way they bitch like no other
so what does she do?
"i'm going to tell all the band parents what you said"
mhm exactly my point

so guess what guys
i guess now its my fault that the bands going to suck even more than it does?
because my moms leaving the band parents and is trying to take others with her
what will we ever do without our amazing band parents?!
ya right.

in my moms own words -
"mr c doesnt know what hes doing, and without the band parents we'd be a mess. we won't go to competitions. our band will have the 'wrong' people in it. we're selfish spoiled little brats because we dont appreciate the help we're getting from them. they make the band better by running it."
ahaha. right.

so say buh bye to the band parents i guess
or at least a few of them
and when the band "sucks" because of it
just come smack me.
and that wont be for awhile.
band atten hut!

[26 Jul 2005|12:40pm]

does anyone else not enjoy pre-camp?
12 COUGARs band atten hut!

heres an update: [15 May 2005|12:41am]

[ mood | rawr ]

thursdays concert blowed. complete fall-apart.
wtf was randy wearing. i swear he brings everything upon himself.
symphonic was the best.
and our trumpets are pretty bad...


any other comments? questions? concerns?

1 COUGAR band atten hut!

pussywillows [22 Apr 2005|04:45pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Name: Amanda
Grade: 10th
Age: 15
Insturment: Harmonica and the triangle

7 COUGARs band atten hut!

[11 Mar 2005|03:36pm]

Jekyll and Hyde?
I'm not too sure I'm liking that.
15 COUGARs band atten hut!

[01 Mar 2005|12:21am]
few days.

i've realized that i hate concert band.
like i seriously dred having to get my stupid bent flute out and sputter notes out and act like i love the damn piece of shit.
marching band is my thing.
god i cannot wait.
3 COUGARs band atten hut!

[28 Feb 2005|06:24pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

so...5 days till festival...

no music.

im feelin' a 4

only because a 5 is for the people who can't read music at all

if our band was just the trumpets, they'd get a 5

neway...tomorrow's concert is gonna suck

randy reeeeeeaaallly needs to make up his flippin mind

4 COUGARs band atten hut!

[30 Dec 2004|07:56pm]

[ mood | unstoppable ]

i flippin' love this community so much, because i'm the only cool person in it!!! every one else sucks at band!

7 COUGARs band atten hut!

[21 Dec 2004|03:26pm]

[ mood | surprised ]

so get this you guys

your very own Randy Casteel was going to be an ordained minister!!

holy shit i know... lol

1 COUGAR band atten hut!

[02 Dec 2004|06:26pm]

[ mood | awesomeness ]

so... really cool kids wear gloves with holes and the fingers cut off in bands called codeseven that swing the microphone around and throw the stand everywhere like they are a member of taking back sunday

what clarinet wannabes.

collen knows what i'm talking about at least.

3 COUGARs band atten hut!

battle of the bands results [26 Nov 2004|09:46pm]

Here are the final tallies of the Battle of the Bands at the time voting ended at 12:06:54 p.m. Thursday:

***WINNER*** Fraser High School Marching Band - 4260 votes (23%)
•Rochester High School Falcon Marching Band - 2181 votes (12%)
•Allen Park High School Marching Jaguars - 2076 votes (11%)
•Eisenhower High School Marching Eagles - 1624 votes (9%)
•Troy Athens High School - 1686 votes (9%)
•Warren Mott Marauder Music Machine - 1599 votes (9%)
•Chippewa Valley High School Big Reds Marching Band - 1419 votes (8%)
•Ferndale High School Golden Eagle Marching Band - 1403 votes (8%)
•Dakota High School Cougar Marching Band - 1022 votes (6%)
•Detroit High School Fine and Performing Arts Marching Band - 592 votes (3%)
•Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School Marching Crusaders - 414 votes (2%)
3 COUGARs band atten hut!

battle of the bands! [25 Nov 2004|05:16pm]

[ mood | yay dakota band! ]

hey everybody! good job at the parade! we did so goood!!!!

dont forget to watch the news at 6 am to see the winners...or not lol who even gets up that early??

4 COUGARs band atten hut!

[24 Nov 2004|06:40pm]

Oo! Thanksgiving Parade's tomorrow! Can't wait to be freezing cold with my fingers feeling like they're going to fall off, and waking up extra early at 6:00 a.m.

2 COUGARs band atten hut!

[22 Nov 2004|03:55pm]

[ mood | bored ]

i'm not in marching band, in fact i don't even play an intrument that could be used in the dakota band(i play bass) but i thought that it to join this community any way.

6 COUGARs band atten hut!

[08 Nov 2004|05:27pm]


What kind of band geek are you?
3 COUGARs band atten hut!

[08 Nov 2004|02:49pm]

Incase of any confusion or whatever i found out from a football player the game is saturday at 7pm
3 COUGARs band atten hut!

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