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If you have ever been a member of the Dakota Marching Band, or currently are a member this is a community for you to complain, praise and/or reflect on everything to do with marching band.

[x] Don't talk about shit that has nothing to do with the band.
[x] Keep the drama under MAJOR CONTROL. no one cares about your personal/sectional problems
[x] You can use this to post special notifications about meetings, practices or performances so everyone can be aware of last minute changes
[x] Try to keep everything in here on the lowdown, especially if you are bitching about instructors or Randy which then you should make a friends only post so only community members can read it.
Tattletales and asskissers need not bother joining

[x] When you join please state your name, graduation year and instrument, just in case no one knows who the hell you are.
[x] Don't piss off the Moderators, if we don't like what we are seeing or find entries inappropriate, we'll ban you. and that will be so pathetic on your part.
[x] If you post pictures, please show consideration by using a lj-cut.
[x] Keep active in the community, it's band. There is always something to talk about

Moderator #1: Candace abeautiful_liar
Moderator #2: Natasha dashed_dreamer

If you need to ask the mods a question, IM us:

Natasha: EndlessStarrySky


Candace: a killer crush

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